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K9 kids classes & camps

Austin Dog Alliance is please to offer a variety of after school and summer camp programs for children.

K9 Kids Dog Training – Ages 10 – 15

Dog Training designed just for kids ages 10 to 15.  The 6 sessions will cover basic dog manners such as sit, down, come, stay, leave it and leash walking.  Additionally, the dogs will learn some fun agility skills and tricks. Student and dog teams will practice their skills by playing a variety of games. Building a good relationship with the dog and being a responsible owner will be stressed.  Reading dog body language and learning how a dog’s breed effects behavior will also be covered.



K9 Kids Spring Break and Summer Camps – Ages 7 – 14

Dog themed summer camps for kids ages 7 – 14.  Camps include All About Dogs! for ages 7 – 9.  Tricks, Games and More for ages 10 – 14 where kids bring their own dog or work with one of our dogs.  Advanced Tricks, Games and More and I Want to be a Vet camps are for kids ages 11 – 16 who have previously attended camp.



K9 Club – Autism/Asperger’s Group Social Skills Class

K9 Club Autism/Asperger’s Group Social Skills Class  is designed for children who have very high functioning autism/Asperger’s ages 8 to 16.  The ideal candidate loves dogs and would benefit from socializing in a club where all the activities are centered around dogs and all the other kids are also dog lovers.  From a kid’s perspective, it is a really fun class where you work hands on with a variety of dogs and learn a lot from trainers, vets, groomers and breeders. From a parent’s perspective, it’s a social skill and self esteem development program that your child will enjoy.  Offered during the school year only.