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ADAYA at Lockhart
Bow Wow

Bow Wow Parties for dog-loving kids

Water game fun

Bow wow parties offer fun water games


Bow Wow Parties for Dogs!

Baby and Z
Levi and tunnel
Camp – Buzz – Jumbs
Zoe and Max
Curious Campers
Nosework at Camp
Texas School for the Deaf at the Humane Society
K9 Grass Agility field 10500 sq feet

K9 Grass Agility field 10500 sq feet

Off leash dog park

Off leash dog park

Fenced agility field with lighting

Fenced agility field with lighting

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"He was so excited about the program, and it was great to see him so happy and engaged. We are looking forward to next week!" - Proud Mom

Youth Association
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"Thank you for all your love, and for all that you do for these little ones that everyone else seems to have given up on." -- Phil

Fenced Rest area near agility field

Fenced Rest area near agility field

Open for Business

We are open for business - come see us!

Pet Therapy
Classes and camps
Camper with dog
Camper with dog 2
Pet Therapy
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Agility Classes Start Soon
Training Room

Training Room – features a built in sound system, microphone, overhead projection system and white board/projection screen.


Full kitchen, complete with dishwasher, stove, microwave oven, oven, large island and plenty of counter space.

K9 Tot Room

K9 Tot Room – features a restroom attached to the room and a built in white board/projection screen. Accommodates up to 15 adults.

Living Area
Back Porch

Back porch for BBQ's and outdoor gatherings

Conference Room

Conference Room – features plenty of light and a built in white board/projection screen. Accommodates up to 15 adults.


Job Training and Placement

Job Training and Placement

S+CORE! – Students + Canines = Opportunities for Rewarding Employment.  Dog-related vocational training and job placement for special need adults.

Hoedown for the Hounds

Hoedown for the Hounds

A country barn dinner and dance benefitting Austin Dog Alliance.

Saturday, April 18th from 6:30 – 10 PM at Travaasa Experiential Resort

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Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

Our dog/handler teams visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools and libraries. Our teams also support the job skills and youth programs.

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Youth Association
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